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Facebook issues a warning

Once again Facebook is making some major changes and altering the way Social media is doing things. A warning is being issued to anyone who is participating in producing low-quality advertising resulting in horrible experiences for users. Facebook will be modifying its algorithm to assist with this issue.


Facebook made an announcement that they will start implementing artificial intelligence to help classify links to websites that have any malicious or deceptive ads. If these type of ads are found then it will result in facebook showing this to fewer users.


Facebook will be implementing changes to users News Feeds which will have a direct impact on the digital media industry. Since Facebook has such a colossal audience, tweaking an algorithm to result in “high quality” content will be the first time they have informed publishers that ads will have to be a higher standard.


The goal with all of these ad-based alterations is a major effort to try and change how information is moved across facebook. After receiving major criticism after the 2016 presidential election for playing a role in spreading propaganda and misinformation, Facebook is trying to rectify their past mistakes.


Facebook will be addressing four major issues that they want publishers to look out for:

  • The quantity of ads that show relative content

  • Deceptive and malicious ads

  • Interstitial and pop-up ads

  • Shocking and sexually suggestive content


Pop-up ads and interstitial ads would be the category that hurts publishers the most since they have the most popularity in being visible to users.

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